Balavihar is a forum through which children learn about many aspects of Hindu culture and philosophy. Children are taught according to their level of understanding. Young children learn about the Gods through simple bhajans, stories, and coloring. As they get older, they start learning values through songs, moral stories, games, arts and crafts. Next, they are introduced to the Ramayan, Bhagavatam, and Mahabharat. Children also celebrate all the religious and cultural festivals, and learn about their significance.They begin to learn the practical applications of the moral and ethical values (i.e. from the Bhagavad Geeta) in their daily lives. Then, when they reach high school, they are taught through discussions and reading sessions about the philosophical aspects of Hinduism, or Vedanta.

Children who attend Balavihar not only learn all the values fundamental to Hindue beliefs, but they also learn how to apply them to their day-to-day challenges. These kids are successfully able to resolve their identities in this dual culture and go on to be strong leaders with integrity and pride in their rich heritage.

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